Jason Corney
After having a few lessons with a previous instructor I ended up giving up as I didn't feel I was getting anywhere, I decided giving learning to drive another go and got in contact with Jamie, after a couple of lessons I knew that Jamie would get me to my full license. Jamie is easy going, friendly, patient and explains and teaches things very well, after every lesson we would talk about it and decide what we was gonna work on the next lesson so I always knew what I was gonna be doing, I felt more confident in my driving after every lesson & I ended up looking forward to my lessons every week until I eventually passed, couldn't recommend learning to drive with Jamie enough, top instructor and top bloke, thanks a lot Jamie.

I came across Jamie, seeing his training car drive past 1 afternoon and I thought I would contact him to get some more information. I was originally looking for a semi-intensive driving course to quickly get my license as I had previous experience driving a motorbike. We arranged a date and time where he came and visited me at my house where we discussed my requirements. He was very accommodating and I suggested, then we later arranged to have 3-hourly sessions over a couple of weeks. My first few lessons went very well and Jamie is very friendly, helpful and patient. He is also quick to react on the dual controls and the steering wheel should you make a mistake and helped calm me down to safely continue. After a few lessons I started noticing that I was losing focus after the 2nd hour. We discussed this and he proposed a new lesson plan with no extra charge for shuffling dates and we changed my training to 2 hourly sessions. Because of this I feel I progressed a lot faster and I gained more confidence in my driving. There were times where I struggled to grasp some of the manoeuvres but instead of only focusing on numbered lesson order we swapped to different subjects to mix things up a bit. The test crept closer, and I asked to book another 'bonus' lesson the day before so I could continue to work on my weaker areas which I think helped me a lot. The test finally came and went and I managed to pass first time! I highly recommend Jamie as a driving instructor, he is exactly the sort of person you want to help you learn how to drive a car and is accommodating to your learning style. He offers multiple options for how you want to learn and happily obliges to changes in your circumstances. Thank you Jamie!

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